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In the mood for a freeze.

The evolution of cold plunges and other deep freeze practices, cryotherapy harnesses the rejuvenating powers of sub-zero temperatures to elevate mood, calm nerves, and sooth sore muscles. It is recommended as a post-workout remedy that can help you repair muscle tissue and speed recovery after a set of punishing squats or race training. Cryotherapy is also ideal for easing arthritic pain, increasing metabolism, and boosting collagen production—all things that will help with the quest to look and feel younger.  

To deliver ultra cold benefits, our dedicated attendants will provide you with a lush robe and gloves, and ask that you remove all metal adornments. Then you’ll be briefly (three minutes) exposed to gaseous nitrogen in a safe and monitored treatment facility. The relief is instantaneous, as it only takes a few moments for endorphins to impart a sense of euphoria that will last for hours.

Discover the benefits of cryotherapy. Now Open Every Day. Call The Rejuvenation Spa at HUB at (925) 523-3525 to make an appointment.


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