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Trying Cryotherapy for the First Time

Posted by: Jessica Graber on Friday, June 8, 2018
The first time I ever heard the words “cryotherapy” was when I was applying for a job at The Rejuvenation Spa at Hub925 in Pleasanton, CA. I am naturally very curious and love to research things so I took to the internet and started learning about what this crazy thing was! After reading just a few of the many benefits I was itching to try cryo. I continued to look a little bit more in depth of what this machine does and how it all works and then I finally had my first day at work. I could not wait to try it out for myself.
As my time came closer I got butterflies and a little nervous. I was about to go into a chamber that went down below zero! But I was ready and excited for this experience. I mean I can bear 3 minutes of freezing cold to burn 400-800 extra calories right!
My new coworker showed me to the changing room and explained all the things I needed to wear. I was well prepared for this because I had done so much research before, I even brought a sports bra because I knew I couldn’t wear a bra with underwire. Once I got on my gloves, socks, boots, and robe I was looking cute and ready to go!
I came out of the changing room and we precooled the machine. Now I really had butterflies! But there was no backing out now I was going in. Once I got in and the door closed I quickly took my robe off and handed it over to my coworker and the three minutes began! It wasn’t bad at first but it got cold quick. I walked in place to keep warm and after about a minute and a half I was pretty used to the cold. I told my coworkers about my day and the things I did and before I knew it my session was over! I was handed back my robe and it was time to get out. I KILLED IT!
I was so proud of myself. By the time I got my clothes back on I was warmed up and energized! I was also hungry. I had such good energy the rest of the day and I just felt happy and high on life. My whole body felt great! I didn’t have any sore muscles or aches throughout the day. That night I also noticed I completely slept through the night! As someone who wakes up many times a night, I was so happy.
All it took was one time and I was totally hooked on cryotherapy! I love the energy it gives me, the relief I feel from sore muscles or aches and pains, the great sleep I get at night and the calorie burn on top of all of that! I love doing cryo before my workouts for energy or just on my “rest” days! I recommend cryo to everyone, you have nothing to lose (expect a few calories).
-Jessica Graber


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