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Civic Engagement

Get involved in the inner workings of your community.

Ensuring we live in a community that works for all of us means we all need to get involved. HUB925 encourages members to honor their civic duties in any way they can. We’ll post opportunities for engagement right here on our website, and keep you abreast of the latest local happenings. Your contribution can be as small as hosting a PTA fundraiser to running for a spot on the city council.


Consider us your central hub for organizing rallies, hosting town halls, and gathering volunteers. Launch a podcast to give your take on the issues. Invite a candidate to converse with constituents. As a HUB925 member, you have the space and the tools to take more civic action. Any amount of time and energy you can give to local governing bodies is appreciated by everyone in your neighborhood. Plus the decisions and policies you help craft can leave a lasting legacy.

It takes a village to run a village. Check back for opportunities.


Get Connected

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