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Float Tanks

The exquisiteness of stillness.

Through our state-of-the-art floatation tanks, the luxury of nothingness imparts the ultimate relaxation. Here you can immerse yourself in complete sensory deprivation that opens the way for deep mediation. Mind and body become one, while ailments such as high blood pressure, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety melt from your consciousness. Some practitioners experience increased creativity and motor dexterity as well.

Floatation takes place inside intimate pods filled with body-temperature water. The water is infused with magnesium sulfate salts to facilitate floatation. You needn’t exert any effort. Our attendants also offer every necessity to enhance your experience, including fluffy towels, aromatic shampoo and conditioner, and moisturizing body wash. Post float, we invite you to linger in our calming lobby for as long as you desire. After all, in our fast-paced world, stillness is in short supply.

Enjoy the wonders of stopped time. Make a date with floatation. Now Open Every Day. Call The Rejuvenation Spa at HUB at (925) 523-3525 to schedule a float.


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