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Hypervolt & TheraGun

Change the way you move.


Our HyperVolt and TheraGun are top of the line vibrating massage devices to help your muscles recover faster and help you move to new levels. These devices help to relieve muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness, knots, spasms, stiffness, as well as symptoms caused by nerve damage, atrophy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and a range of other ailments. Both the TheraGun and Hypervolt help increases blood and lymphatic flow, break up scar tissue, activate muscles and reset the nervous system.

Before your session we will do a pre-examination of the area we are working on. You may be instructed to do some simple movements as well. Once the Spa Attendant has determined the root cause of your issue they will begin your treatment. They will slowly guide the massage device in different areas to alleviate the tightness and soreness. The sensation of the device is similar to kneading in a massage, and your attendant can always harden or lessen the pressure so that it is comfortable for you. After your treatment is complete you will be given simple things to do at home to help you recover even faster.

Recover Faster and Move To New Levels. Book Your TheraGun or HyperVolt Session Today. Call The Rejuvenation Spa at HUB at (925) 523-3525. Now Open Every Day.


What To Expect:

  1. The Spa Attendant will do a Pre-Examination which may involve some simple movements.
  2. Once the spa attendant has determined the root cause of your pain they will begin treatment.
  3. The spa attendant will then find the right pressure and begin treatment.
  4. Your treatment will be in a few different areas and you can expect the attendant to pass over each area 5-10 times and they may hold in specific areas.
  5. Once you are done the spa attendant will have you do the same exercises you did in the pre examination to see the difference.
  6. After they will give you a few things to do while at home, until your next treatment.

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